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Hello! Thanks for taking time to learn more about Bringing Simplicity - we know anytime you are considering hiring someone to help you achieve your business goals can feel uncomfortable.  

There are so many things to consider: pricing, whether it is a good fit for your business, and how you will learn to trust others with your business {to name a few!}

So, here at Bringing Simplicity, we're not about the hard sell. Instead, we want to show you some cool strategies and solutions to make your business run smoother, give you back control of your time, and let you focus on the stuff you love (because that's why you're in business, right?). Together, we can figure out if teaming up is the right move for you.

I get it, you still want to know - what do we bring to the table?!

So without further ado, we'd love to introduce you to the team!

Greta Iannuccilli

RecruitGyan-86 (1).jpg

Founder, Business Strategist

Your Guide to Business Simplification - Greta isn't your typical business strategist. With over 15 years of experience—she's a powerhouse specializing in Course Creation, Business Strategy, Web Design, and, in her words, "cutting through the noise and getting things done." She's your partner in achieving simplicity, organization, and predictability in your business endeavors to streamline your company's evolution.  She and her team will organize the chaos, and transform uncertainty into predictability. Her passion lies in supporting business owners, bringing a sense of ease and clarity through data to the often complex world of projects, technology, automations, and launches.


Greta's mission extends beyond consultancy; she's committed to transforming the way your business operates. Her approach focuses on seamlessly integrating simplicity into every facet of your business, ensuring a more efficient workflow. She and her team are dedicated to working alongside you, ensuring that Bringing Simplicity's solutions are finely tailored to your goals, making your journey towards success smoother and manageable.


Judy Smith

Growth & Development Strategist

With over 13 years of expertise, Judy Smith stands as a force in business development. From guiding small startups towards success to fine-tuning the growth of multi-million-dollar enterprises, Judy is the secret ingredient to success.

Greta and Judy connected over lots of things but especially her exceptional organizational skills and love of efficiency, because let's be honest every business can benefit from bringing simplicity.


As a visionary leader, Judy is committed to inspiring and guiding teams towards both individual and organizational success. 


Always one step ahead, she anticipates the needs of an organization and crafts innovative systems and processes that seamlessly align with its future trajectory.   

Annie Schweir


Graphic Designer

Ever since Annie can remember, curiosity has been a driving force in her many pursuits. Whether it be in the professional world or her personal life, she is always asking questions and thinking outside the box. This curiosity led her into the realm of web and graphic design over 20 years ago, and during that time, she has had the immense joy of making an impact using her skills. Because for Annie, it isn’t just about design; it’s about the person the design is for and contributing to their story. When she works with a client, her passion is to take their personality, vision, and dreams, and translate them into a brand that people love.


Outside of the professional sphere, Annie seeks a cozy life with books, plants, coffee, and her miniature dachshund. She is a writer and an avid gamer but also enjoys time in the outdoors soaking up sunshine, preferably with her camera in hand.

Huda Moila


Social Media Support

Meet Huda, a seasoned Virtual Assistant and Social Media Design/Support Aficionado with a degree in Business and Information Systems. Huda excels in crafting eye-catching graphics, staying in the know about social media trends, and understanding the time-sensitive nature of online platforms. Her commitment to continuous learning is evident as she embarks on a Masters in Data Science come fall.

Away from the screen, Huda is a curious mind, indulging in documentaries for knowledge, expressing her creativity through poetry, and bringing her vivid ideas to life through illustrations. In Huda, you'll find not just a virtual assistant but a dynamic professional ready to enhance your social media presence with expertise and creativity.

Novelyn Cabral


Tech VA

Novelyn, a seasoned Technical Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of experience, is dedicated to simplifying the tech journey for women coaches, course creators, mentors, and online entrepreneurs. With a goal to make technology a friendly companion in your business journey, Novelyn excels in system automation, CRM management, and workflow integration.


As your Technical Virtual Assistant, Novelyn's approach is straightforward: understand your needs, tailor precise solutions, and implement them with care. From troubleshooting tech challenges with a calm and methodical approach to designing effective, user-friendly funnels, Novelyn is here to streamline your processes without complicating them. Her passion extends to website design, where she transforms visions into visually appealing, intuitive online spaces that reflect your unique brand personality. With clear communication and meticulous attention to detail, Novelyn ensures your business receives the care it deserves, making technology an asset that supports and grows your endeavors.

Organized and Efficient

I am in the process of growing my business and need someone to keep track of all the details while I think big picture. I love that I can quickly send a message to Greta and it magically appears on my Trello board.  Not to mention, she rocks at capturing my voice when writing posts, prioritizing my day {including working around all the #momlife stuff I have to juggle} and encouraging me when I am having a moment. I know I could be successful without her, but it wouldn't be as easy {or fun!}


Sunbeam Sister Boutique

Let’s Find out if we want to work together!

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