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Hi, welcome to Bringing Simplicity, the team you never knew you needed...

Imagine sitting down to work and knowing you have a team of experts supporting you in your business. More so than that, knowing that you aren't the only person responsible for thinking strategically about your business, managing project deadlines, pulling together courses, or trying to create social media posts five minutes before you want them to go live. 

If that sounds like the way you'd like to work, then let's get to know each other better...

How can we make a difference in your business?

We help Business Owners Strategize their Big Vision into Small {doable} Steps.  It is about taking what feels overwhelming and making it feel so simple, you can't believe it will work. Our method is based on creating a strategy, simplifying your business and providing a vision actualization blueprint to get you moving.

Then we provide you with the support to tackle more than you would be able to do on your own.  Whether it is overseeing project timelines, setting up your tech needs, training your team, putting in place systems and processes, or creating social media graphics, we've got an expert for that!

Everything we do is driven by you and what you want to obtain - We just take away the fear of the unknown!


You aren't meant to do life or business alone.

At Bringing Simplicity, we understand everything that goes into running a business, and that's why we're here to provide the unwavering support you need. Whether you're looking to offload administrative tasks or seeking someone to think strategically alongside you, our dedicated team is committed to being your reliable partner. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and are passionate about helping you succeed. Let us be the support system that empowers you to focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest. 


The world is moving at an insanely fast pace right now and it is easy to feel like you need to be doing all the things... But what if someone told you that you didn't have to, how would that make you feel?

Part of our strategy is simplifying your process, removing roadblocks, breaking down tasks into manageable pieces, weeding out what isn't needed and making working for yourself enjoyable instead of overwhelming.

There is an unappreciated beauty to simplicity we would love to share with you!


At Bringing Simplicity, expertise is at our core. Our founder, Greta Iannuccilli, brings a wealth of experience in the online space, having collaborated with numerous individuals and businesses.

Drawing from her extensive network, she has curated a team of experts, each passionately committed to excellence.


Our handpicked professionals not only possess specialized skills but are also dedicated to continuous learning and ensuring they stay ahead in their respective crafts.


Recognizing the critical role they play in your business, our team is driven by a shared commitment to deliver high-quality results. When you partner with Bringing Simplicity, you gain access to a collective expertise that is finely tuned, consistently evolving, and poised to elevate your business to new heights.

Trusted by Entrepreneurs All Over the World!


Organized and Efficient

I am in the process of growing my business and need someone to keep track of all the details while I think big picture. I love that I can quickly send a message to Greta and it magically appears on my Trello board.  Not to mention, she rocks at capturing my voice when writing posts, prioritizing my day {including working around all the #momlife stuff I have to juggle} and encouraging me when I am having a moment. I know I could be successful without her, but it wouldn't be as easy {or fun!}.


Sunbeam Sister Boutique

Creative & Resourceful

I love that Greta is always open to doing a wide variety of projects for me. Whether it is creating, printing, and mailing postcards; creating gorgeous jewelry pieces as gifts for my clients; or doing data entry, she is consistently detail oriented, resourceful and creative.  There were also a number of programs that I use for my business that she was not familiar with but she took the trainings necessary to become proficient.  


Luxury Travel by Marcie

Flexible and Committed

I’m so thankful for the time that Greta and I worked together! She was always willing to do as much or as little as I needed on a day to day basis. If I preferred to create the content, she executed the posts flawlessly. If I needed input or collaboration, she always had excellent ideas to contribute. I appreciated her attention to detail, her positive attitude and her flexibility with my ever-changing ideas.


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Creative & Resourceful

Working with Greta has taken my business to the next level! Not only she is amazing at strategy she also has a gift for implementing the small steps into the big vision!!! She has helped me strategize my whole year without compromising my quality of life and launch my group program! She is so amazing at strategy that I have hired her to strategize with my own clients!


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Let's Coffee Chat

Lets get to know each other on a on a thirty minute coffee chat!  It isn't about selling you anything, it is about getting to know one another! 

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